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The “Maintenance Insanity” Cure

Practical Solutions to Improve Maintenance Work
By (author)  Roger D. Lee
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Book Description

Einstein said that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Yet that is exactly what is happening in maintenance organizations. How many times have clients told consultants, “But we’ve always done it this way?!” In many companies, especially the large ones, we fail to talk to each other enough to know what needs to change to drive continual improvements and reduce waste. This work will guide any size plant or organization to improve how they do maintenance, how to keep their equipment running longer, and create a more efficient and streamlined structure so they can be competitive in today’s market. The practical solutions offered in this work present the perfect antidote for maintenance insanity. The book is chock-full of useful checklists, flowcharts, templates and other helpful documents that readers can customize for their own needs. These are available in black and white in the book, and in full-color versions on an affiliated website,