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Industrial Press eBooks Technical Support:


For questions and technical support regarding Industrial Press eBooks contact:



*If you have any questions/concerns, please write an email to the above email address with your registered username and email address, along with a brief explanation of your concerns and any other details/screenshots that you can provide.*


Voicemail 1-646-593-8618  (Only Weekdays)


If you need help, please leave a voicemail with your name, registered username and email address, and name of the ebook site(, along with a brief message and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Support is available between the hours of :

4:00 AM CDT to 7:00 PM CDT  on Weekdays

4:30 AM EDT to 8:00 PM EDT    on Weekdays


For ebook help, please also check out our customer support manual at:

This will be updated as needed with more help articles.


Institution Sales


Choose from a single ebook subscription for multiple, concurrent users, or create your own collection based on the needs of your institution. Please contact the Industrial Press main office at:


Industrial Press, Inc.

Phone:  203-956-5593; toll-free in USA: 888-528-7852                                                     




For questions regarding PRINT books only: