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Industrial Press eBook Questions and Technical Support

If you have questions about eBook functionality or access issues, please see the information, instructions, and demonstration video provided in the “Support” section of this website (, by clicking here. 

For more general information about ordering and using Industrial Press eBooks, redeeming access codes, single- versus multi-user eBook subscription options, and more, please click here to go to a page on our other website (

If the above web pages do not answer your questions, you can send an email inquiry to:

Please be sure to include your name, company or institution name if applicable, email address, phone number, and location (for time zone contact purposes), and your registered eBookStore username, along with the details of your question/technical issue, a screenshot of what you are seeing, and information about your computer and operating system. We will do our best to get back to you within several business days.

Other Inquiries

Please note that the above information pertains only to Industrial Press digital products as provided at this eBookStore site.

For information about Industrial Press printed and other physical products and packages, again please see

For information on how to contact our editorial team, a sales representative in Industrial Press’s main office, or a member of our Customer Service regarding a physical product, click here.

Institution and Corporate Multi-User eBook Sales

Choose among the options for multi-user access to a single Industrial Press eBook, or create your own collection based on the needs of your group.

Before contacting us, please first click here to go to a page on our other website, for useful information about Industrial Press eBook offerings and options.

Then, to further explore eBook subscription package options and pricing, please email:

Laura Brengelman
Managing Editor & Manager Digital Products
Industrial Press, Inc.

If you do not receive an answer within several business days, you also can reach out to the Industrial Press team via our general email address:

As stated above, for information and questions regarding print books and other physical products,

visit our print book website

fill out our online contact form at

or email our team directly at