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CNC Tips and Techniques

A Reader for Programmers
By (author)  Peter Smid
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Book Description



During the past decade, Peter Smid wrote dozens of column for Shop Talkmagazine that addressed the full gamut of CNC topics, such as tapping and threading and knurling; program length and memory needs; G-codes, M-functions, cycles, macros … and more still. 


Ever since Shop Talk ceased publication, these columns have been unavailable. Now, in CNC Tips and Techniques, we are delighted to bring them back—over 60 of the best of Peter’s columns --- all under one cover, so that you can have full and easy access to the advice Peter has been sharing during the past decade.


CNC Tips and Techniques is a treasure trove of Peter Smid’s “lost work” that is certain to be an invaluable addition to your CNC toolkit.  We hope the advice and instructions contained in these readings will help you do your job more efficiently and more effectively – and that you find them a good read besides. 



  • Offers more than 60 focused columns which have been thoroughly reviewed since its initial publication and updated as needed to reflect ongoing changes in the field. Columns are presented here in chronological order of when they first appeared. Includes an alternative table of contents, organized by topic. Provides several useful appendices and an extensive index. Appeals to both veterans and newcomers with tips and techniques that can be applied at work and speed up the learning curve.