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Technical Shop Mathematics

By (author)  Thomas Achatz John G. Anderson
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Book Description

The most authoritative text for technical mathematics is now better than ever! Completely revised and updated, this new edition of a classic best seller provides the algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric concepts essential to solving problems commonly encountered in technical and trade occupations. Technical Shop Mathematics begins with a review of arithmetic followed by elements of measurement, algebra, graphing, geometry, and introductory trigonometry. Clearly written practical explanations, problem solving techniques, examples, and exercises are provided throughout with emphasis placed on applications—making it an ideal textbook for lecture courses or a resource for guided self-paced study. It has become a standard on-the-job reference for shop professionals.


  • Contains a larger, easier to read two-color format with improved flow between topics.
  • Provides clear explanations that build on the strengths which have made this book a standard for more than 25 years.
  • Includes an introduction to Statistics which is needed for many technical trades and not offered in most similar texts.
  • Presents sufficient material for a very full one-semester course or for two standard lecture courses.