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The Storeroom Roadmap

32 Processes for Efficiency and Sustainability
By (author)  Dr. John L. Ross, Jr.
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Book Description

Praise for John Ross and The Storeroom Roadmap


“I’m someone who has lived this journey a few times. And every time I’ve walked this path, I’ve been grateful for the guidance and the roadmap laid down by Dr. John Ross. These ideas will work for you. I promise.”


“This book will provide the reader the correct strategy, processes, and metrics, whether you self-manage or outsource your storeroom management program.”


“If you want a highly effective and efficient storeroom, this book will provide the roadmap to get you there.”


“To have the opportunity to share John’s passion for maintenance and reliability is truly a pleasure and a privilege. His new book is a must read.”


“Prepare to revolutionize your approach to inventory management and lay the foundation for a more resilient and reliable future.”

For the first time, storeroom execution is made clear through a detailed discussion of the world-renowned “Storeroom Roadmap.” This roadmap identifies all 32 of the formal storeroom processes and practices that are universally conducted by all maintenance warehouses, in all industries, around the world. This new book will put those processes on the map, located where the activities make the most sense to begin the journey. The processes are spelled out in the sequence necessary to build a storeroom that is effective first, and then improve efficiencies.

The guiding element of the work is the understanding and application of the Storeroom Roadmap. This roadmap lays out the ‘grid’ or categories necessary for good, as well as outstanding storerooms. More than that, the roadmap and subsequent process explanations provide the reader with detailed, step-by-step instructions on where to start, and where to go next. This is a treasure map. The treasure?  Efficiency, effectiveness, confidence, and sustainability.

Organizations within all industries will use this book to evaluate their storeroom practices towards best practices. The reader can choose a path forward by using the book’s contents to educate the storeroom associates and storeroom users on the relationship of all the storeroom functions and world-class principles for storeroom effectiveness.
Unique Features

  • Provides a step-by-step, detailed explanation of the 32 storeroom processes and practices, with additional guidance in related activities that lead to a super-efficient and effective storeroom that’s a true core-value driver.
  • Helps those who need to establish a maintenance storeroom from "scratch," as well as reviewing an established storeroom’s processes to determine the necessary steps required to elevate performance and results.