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Spare Parts Inventory Management: A Complete Guide to Sparesology®

A Complete Guide to Sparesology
By (author)  Philip Slater
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Book Description

What the experts are saying about Spare Parts Inventory Management...


This book belongs on the shelf of every spare parts organization.  I definitely would recommend it to my clients and students.

 —Dr. A. Patricia Murrin, A.P. Murrin and Associates; Supply Chain Management Department Chair, The National Graduate School of Quality Management; Adjunct Faculty, Walden University; Adjunct Faculty, Northwood University.


A fantastic guide for anyone interested in having a successful spare parts inventory management system.

 —Marnie Schmidt, Author of Tribal Knowledge: The Practical Use of ISO, Lean and Six Sigma Together. 


As timely as it is useful, this is a ‘dirt under the nails’ guide that translates just as well in the boardroom as in the parts storage cribs.”

Russ Thompson, M3 ERP Functional Consultant, Avaap USA.


“A great follow up to Slater's previous books.

 —Jorge Asiain, Senior Consultant AlterEvo; Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering, Universidad Europea. 




No previous works have focused on the topic of inventory reduction and optimization to the extent that this one does. Spare Parts Inventory Management: A Complete Guide to Sparesology® by Philip Slater covers the whole part’s life cycle, from initial purchase to final disposal, and addresses issues throughout, including maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). The author, Phillip Slater, was described in a recent podcast as “truly one of the leaders in the MRO information segment.” Sparesology is a term coined by Slater to describe the discipline of optimizing the physical, financial, and human resource management processes of spare parts inventory management. Sparesology is much more than just inventory optimization. It involves an understanding of the complete “ecosystem,” within which the spare parts inventory is managed, and seeks to ensure that all of the factors influencing this management work together to achieve an organization’s goals.