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Solidworks Basics

By (author)  Fred Fulkerson
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Book Description

SolidWorks Basics is an illustrated handbook which, using a project based approach, provides a complete course taking readers step by step through the basic operations of SolidWorks? Written by an expert and experienced instructor in this versatile program, this book reveals how SolidWorks, a full two-way parametric design tool, can be used to create fluid models with myriad features. It can be used in virtually any setting, from four-year engineering community colleges and vocational/technical schools to industrial training centers. It also is an excellent resource for professionals who already use SolidWorks and want to enhance their skills.


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  • All instructions apply to SolidWorks versions up to and including the 2015 release of this versatile software.
  • Using a project based approach, the author explores how parts are broken down into logical features that are sketched and then extruded, revolved, swept, or lofted, and how features (holes, fillets, chamfers, and patterns) are added to a part.
  • Full-color illustrations and step-by-step instructions show how to add or subtract features from the base body of a part, how to ensure that dimensional changes update in the model and associated files, and how to link features to maintain parallel surfaces and relational dimensions.
  • Readers learn methods for identifying the properties of a model as well as animating a model, showing its complete function within the assembly model. Examples show how to export individual parts to other programs to aid in applications such as machining or rapid prototyping.
  • QR codes (in the print edition) and Web links (in the ebook) throughout the text take readers directly to online instructional videos developed by the author. Additional materials also are provided online for adopting instructors.