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Programming of CNC Machines, Student Workbook, 4th Edition

By (author)  Ken Evans
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Book Description

This is the workbook for Programming of CNC Machines. To see the main title, click here


Written by Ken Evans, an author with many years of experience teaching CNC machining, this workbook is the perfect complement to Programming of CNC Machines, 4th edition. It is filled with many practical exercises and is one of the few workbooks available that tests users through the application of programming functions commonly used in CNC programming.


Together with its companion text, this workbook can be used as a complete CNC training program; or, it can be used on its own by students or professionals to verify that they have the basic skills needed to write a CNC program.


  • This new edition provides 37 practical exercises designed to verify comprehension of CNC programming.

  • Prepares users for the world of CNC Programming through more than 50 problems related to CNC Basics, including shop mathematics.

  • Contains operation scenarios that reflect situations often encountered.

  • Feeds and speeds, tool selection and work holding methods are very hard to learn from a text alone. Practical exercises, as provided in this workbook, have proven to be an excellent teacher.

  • This workbook can be used to verify that the student has learned the basic skills necessary to write a CNC program, line-by-line.

  • Used together, both the text and this workbook provide a complete learning experience.