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Programmable Logic Controllers

By (author)  Su-Chen Jonathon, Lin
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Book Description

The result of the author’s 30-plus years of teaching PLCs at two universities, Programmable Logic Controllers by Su-Chen Jonathon Lin covers important and essential topics and skills all PLC learners have to know and practice. Assuming the student knows nothing about the subject, this text defines everything and features ample examples and breakdowns of important topics. Students taking PLC courses at two- and four-year institutions will find this text especially useful. Additionally, it is an invaluable reference for professionals in the fields of electrical control, automated systems, and manufacturing.



  • This highly useful text includes valuable information for students, as well as practitioners, from important basics to advanced PLC programming instructions.
  • It effectively introduces the student to a broad range of knowledge and skills essential to using PLCs in implementing control schemes in a variety of industries.
  • The text is comprehensive in that it covers control logic design, PLC hardware and software, PLC instructions, and PLC programming.
  • It is designed for flexible use, so readers can easily choose their desired depth of coverage.
  • The first five chapters focus on the electrical control fundamentals, number systems, logic basics, Boolean algebra, and simplifying logic circuits.
  • Chapters 6 and 7 introduce two methods of designing PLC control logics and circuits that often are absent in other PLC texts.
  • The next three chapters cover PLC memory, file structure, discrete input and output modules, and analog input and output modules.
  • Exercises, study questions, and numerous illustrations throughout reinforce key concepts.