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Programmable Automation Technologies

By (author)  Daniel Kandray
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Book Description

Divided into four parts, Programmable Automation focuses on programmable automation technologies used in industry. Comprehensive yet concise, this unique textbook provides a solid foundation of analytical techniques to justify automation and the knowledge and instruction of how to program computer numerical controlled (CNC) equipment, industrial robots and programmable logic controllers (PLC). Through a very practical approach, readers will learn specific programming languages related to each technology including G code and ladder logic. And it is sure to be found useful by electrical, industrial, mechanical and/or manufacturing engineering technology undergraduate students, in addition to anyone in industry interested in learning about programmable automation and developing the corresponding programming skills.
  • Each chapter begins with an overview of chapter material with emphasis on desired outcomes and concludes with a summary, questions, and problems where appropriate.

  • Presents explicit skills and methodologies to aid in the programming process.

  • Features a good use of examples with numerous illustrations.

  • Uses computer simulation and actual lab equipment extensively in learning activities.