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Is My Machine OK: A Field Guide to Assessing Process Machinery

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Book Description

Are you responsible for your plant's industrial machines? Is My Machine OK? is a compact and handy reference on the potential risks of machine failure and safe machinery operation. Authors Robert Perez and Andre Conkey, aided by several contributors, provide 225 pages in this hardcover guide. It foms a solid basis for reliable and safe machine operations. The authors employ their extensive background to combine the most commonly used assessment tools in a single source.

Developed specifically to be taken into the field by machine operators, plant supervisors and maintenance technicians, the guide will also help reliability professionals make informed decisions about factory and process equipment.


This book is made up of four sections subdivided into 12 chapters and two appendices:

Evaluating Process Machines, which contains basic instruction and practical advice on evaluating the condition of machines

  • Equipment Specific Assessments, which covers the evaluation of centrifugal pumps, steam turbines, electric motors, and piping
  • General Assessment Guidelines, which contains field assessment methods, limits, and advice commonly employed to evaluate process machinery

  • Improvement Ideas. Throughout the book there are many relevant examples that will help you better understand the proper application of the various assessment methodologies presented.