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Modern Pipefitter's Manual

By (author)  A. L. Hoffman
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Book Description

The Modern Pipefitter’s Manual contains technical and practical information regarding pipe history, pipe characteristics, materials, fittings, connections, valves, joining, and installation methods. It also addresses the laying lengths of piping, valves, and connections that are critical when planning piping layout.


This new work uses some of the most tried and true information, charts, and tables found in Industrial Press’s seminal resource, the Pipefitters Handbook, but has reorganized, redrawn, updated and modernized them to be more appropriate and in-line for modern day users.


Questions at the end of each chapter help readers learn and understand the most essential material and are similar to those found on a typical pipefitting certification exam. Useful Appendix materials include more reference data, answers to the exam questions, math and conversion factors, and specific tables and charts for pipe, water, and metal.


Packed with all these extensive, educational features, the Modern Pipefitter’s Manual is an unparalleled resource for pipefitters at all levels of experience.



  • Incorporates the useful Pipe Trades Pro calculator (available for purchase from Industrial Press in a package with the printed book; click here for more information) throughout the work to help users get fast and accurate solutions that help them save time and reduce material costs.
  • Suggests simple calculations for pipe lengths, offsets, weight and volume, flow rates, pressure, area, and more.
  • Perfect for those studying for certification exams, designers, operations professionals, in addition to pipefitters working in the field.