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Metalworking Sink or Swim

By (author)  Tom Lipton
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This collection of priceless tips, tricks, skills, and experiences from a veteran of the trade is presented in a way that captures the attention of users and engages them in the process of furthering the art. It includes shop-tested descriptions and illustrations of creative and unique skills and observations from almost 40 years in the metalworking trades. What's more, it offers enough material from several metalworking trades to start a great research and development shop. It is sure to be a valuable and time-saving resource for anyone involved in the fabrication of metal.


Metalworking Sink or Swim is an essential bedside reader for metal workers. If you also weld, get a copy of "Welding Fabrication and Repair." You can spend a lifetime learning tricks from old timers or you can read these books and understand what the old timers are doing.

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  • Written by a shop peer from the perspective of having done the required work.
  • Includes nearly 1,000 full-color photos, as well as numerous illustrative stories that help users easily understand the material presented and the techniques provided.
  • Contains a chapter on flame straightening techniques.
  • Offers many examples of special workholding techniques.
  • Covers crossover skills like Welding/Machine, Sheetmetal/Welding, and Design/Management.