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Mass Finishing Handbook

By (author)  LaRoux Gillespie
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Compiled from the author’s 40 years of research and experience, Mass Finishing Handbook provides “how-to” details of all mass finishing/loose abrasive finishing processes that experienced finishers will find as useful as the first-time user. It covers 16 basic mass finishing processes, including vibratory, centrifugal disc, magnetic abrasive, cryogenic, and chemical-assisted processes. Gillespie provides data and charts based on thousands of measurements to make process selection easier.


In addition to providing case histories and a host of practical tips, Mass Finishing Handbook also discusses economics, edge requirements, surface requirements, side effects, the impact of burr size and part definition, media, and compounds. Whether you’re a manufacturing engineer buying a machine for the first time, or a shop foreman, or an experienced user who is looking for ideas for more economical approaches; this is the perfect resource!




  • Contains complete coverage of all processes, based on precision finishing requirements and filled with user data rather than sales information.
  • Provides data that enables users to quickly assess the best approaches.
  • Only book of its kind that deals with burrs and precision finishing.
  • Offers coverage of magnetic finishing and cryogenic information not found in any other English language books.
  • Includes an extensive bibliography of world literature on the topic.