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Machinery’s Handbook 32 Guide

A Guide to Using Tables, Formulas, & More in the 32nd Edition
By (author)  Amiss, Jones, and Ryffel
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Book Description

Since publication of the first edition more than 100 years ago, Machinery’s Handbook has been acclaimed as the most popular, bestselling engineering resource of all time. Universally considered the principal reference in the manufacturing, metalworking, and mechanical industries, the Handbook is the ultimate collection of essential information. Now more than 3,000 pages, with thousands of revisions and updates throughout, Machinery’s Handbook, 32nd Edition, is the must-have technical reference.

Machinery’s Handbook Guide: A Guide to Using Tables, Formulas, & More in the 32nd Edition, is designed to help students, professionals, and home shop practitioners take advantage of the enormous breadth of information in the most current edition of the Handbook. Designed to be used alongside the Handbook, helping readers become more familiar with its invaluable content, this complementary text is the perfect problem-solving tool, whether learning key principles for the first time or applying them on the job.


  • This new edition of the Guide reflects the updated content of the new Machinery’s Handbook, 32nd Edition.
  • Specific cross references help quickly locate information in the “parent” book, enabling Guide users to become familiar with navigating and utilizing the Handbook’s vast range of vital content.
  • Offers more than 150 worked-out examples and nearly 500 practice exercise and review questions (with answers), specially selected for engineers, apprentices, and students, addressing problems commonly encountered in manufacturing and metalworking.
  • Explains practical techniques, enhancing the user’s ability to access needed information and formulate solutions more quickly and easily.
  • This Guide eBook also provides numerous clickable crosslinks to its own content. In addition, the Guide is offered as part  of the extensive Machinery’s Handbook 32 Digital Editionwhich includes the complete contents of the 32nd Edition, and more. In the Digital Edition, clickable links in the Guide go directly to the related Handbook material.