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Machinery's Handbook 31 Digital Edition Upgrade

Machinery's Handbook 31 Digital Edition Upgrade

An Easy-Access Value-Added Package
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Book Description

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If you do not see this button, you need to login to your Industrial Press eBookStore account. Note that purchase at this website and any installation of this Upgrade requires verification of individual ownership of a prior Machinery’s Handbook digital product (see below). (If you see the “Read online” button, you are logged in and subscribed to this eBook.)


For the full (non-upgrade) Machinery’s Handbook 31 Digital Edition click here.

Since the first edition published more than 100 years ago, Machinery’s Handbook has been acknowledged as an exceptionally authoritative and comprehensive, yet highly practical, and easy-to-use tool. The versatile Machinery’s Handbook 31 Digital Edition makes access to this vast collection of information even easier and includes more than 1,200 additional pages.


This value-added package includes:

  • The complete contents of the printed Machinery’s Handbook, 31st Edition, which has grown by nearly 100 pages, with thousands of revisions and updates since the last edition.
  • Nearly 800 pages of additional archival content—still useful and interesting text, tables, and figures—extracted over time from previous editions of the Handbook
  • Table of contents and indexes for material only available in the Digital Edition.
  • Useful indexes of standards and materials covered throughout this expanded edition.
  • The complete contents of the companion volume Guide to the Use of Tables and Formulas in the Machinery’s Handbook, 31st Edition, with handy links to Digital Edition pages



  • View and print text, tables, and graphics identical to the printed book.
  • Zoom to magnify pages for a detailed view of complex and detailed data.
  • Search the complete contents and access information you need with quick navigation aids: thousands of clickable links in the contents, text, and indexes.
  • Choose online and offline viewing options on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices (download of provided reader required for offline viewing applications).

Requirement for Purchase of this Upgrade at the eBookStore and for Any Installation: To qualify for this Digital Edition Upgrade, you must have a prior CD-ROM registration number or an active eBook subscription at the Industrial Press online eBookStore for a previous edition of the Handbook. If you do not have one of these previous Machinery's Handbook digital products, you cannot install the upgrade and instead need to purchase the full (non-upgrade) Machinery’s Handbook 31 Digital Edition. Click here to go to that eBook.

For Setup, Usage, and Technical Questions Regarding this Product:

Please first refer to the “Support” section of this site (click on the link at top) site and then see the topics under “How-to Guide” for information on alternate device and offline reading options. If you have further questions, click here for information on how to contact our technical support team.


Errrata Notes for MH31 eBook Subscribers: Please click here to view notes about corrections found since the publication of the MH 31 print and Digital Editions.