Machinery's Handbook, 30th Edition, Guide by John Amiss and Franklin D. Jones and Henry Ryffel and Christopher and J. McCauley, Editor - Industrial Press eBookstore

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Machinery's Handbook 30th Edition, Guide

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Book Description

Completely updated and revised to reflect the changes and additions made to the Machinery’s Handbook 30th Edition, the Machinery’s Handbook Guide enables users to maximize the enormous practical value of the invaluable information in the Handbook.



  • Contains useful information on how to make full use of the Machinery’s Handbook to solve problems encountered on the job and offers a wealth of time-saving data that can help in almost any situation.
  • Includes 150 worked-out examples and nearly 500 review questions (with answers) specially selected for engineers and apprentices, enabling users to quickly become more thoroughly familiar with the vast range of contents found in the Handbook.
  • By practicing the many practical techniques explained in the Guide, users will be able to obtain the solution or information needed to resolve a vast range of problems.


While it serves as a complementary text, this book does not replace the  Handbook. Click here to go to the Machinery's Handbook, 30th Edition.