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Learning MasterCAM X8 Lathe Step by Step

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Book Description

This unique text presents a thorough introduction to Mastercam X8 Lathe for anyone with little or no prior experience with the software. It can be used in virtually any educational setting from four-year engineering schools to community colleges and voc/tech schools to industrial training centers. Mastercam X8 Lathe will also serve as a reliable reference for on-the-job use or as a self-study manual.


The award-winning author has carefully arranged the contents in a clear and logical sequence and has used many hundreds of visuals instead of wordy explanations. James Valentino has also provided exercises from the text for student practice. 


Download Exercises at https://industrial.egnyte.com/dl/GBiAdttspU



  • Emphasizes student-friendly visual displays in place of long explanations and definitions.
  • Uses numerous examples that provide step-by-step instructions with visual displays.
  • Eliminates flipping between pages by featuring all explanations on the same page as the example.
  • Covers all aspects of using Mastercam X8 to machine various types of parts and contains a process plan describing the machining operations to be carried out to machine each part.
  • Contains student exercises at the end of each chapter
  • The enclosed CD contains the complete Mastercam X8 Demo, as well as student practice exercises from the book.