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Lean Production

Implementing a World-Class System
By (author)  John Black
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Book Description

The concept of lean production is not new, but the challenges of dramatic change management often stymie business leaders trying to put lean operations into place. This newly-revised and greatly expanded volume aims to provide a readable, real-world roadmap for putting into place the indispensable strategy and tactics managers need to make lean work and move their organizations - whether manufacturing or service-based - toward a world-class production system. Drawing upon decades of experience in the front lines of lean production and organizational transformation, the author provides cases, anecdotes, examples, rationales and concrete tools to help business leaders stop talking about lean production and actually make progress toward achieving it. It's the perfect resource for leaders at all levels who are interested in improving their competitiveness, building more successful operations, and moving toward world-class performance in customer satisfaction, profitability, and employee satisfaction.
  • Contains in-depth "insight" chapters that explore key principles of the strategy with detailed explanations, examples, anecdotes, graphics, and comments by business leaders experienced in each area.
  • Addresses the use of lean production principles and tools in service organizations and small companies.
  • Provides actual case histories of successful implementation in a variety of organizations.
  • Includes explanatory graphics and charts, including key steps and measurements for use in implementation.
  • Features an extensive glossary and additional recommended reading.