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Heating Systems Troubleshooting & Repair

Maintenance Tips and Forensic Observations
By (author)  John Certuse
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Book Description


Most of the work technicians routinely perform is in maintaining existing equipment as opposed to installing new systems. The procedures and visual observation conditions presented in this title will enable technicians to perform their tasks more effectively. By knowing how the equipment is designed, built, and how the materials behave over time, they will be better able to execute a maintenance program extending equipment life and reducing unplanned malfunctions. This book’s emphasis is on implementing these actions correctly and in a timely basis so that equipment experiences an increase in “life expectancy,” reliability, more efficient energy performance, and a reduction in the possibility of future failures and liability. While the main focus of this work is on equipment installed in residential homes, the procedures detailed certainly apply to larger commercial heating equipment as well.



  • Addresses troubleshooting and repair actions on residential heating equipment and controls.
  • Detailed procedures cover visual observations and inspection of impending equipment failure as well as necessary preventive maintenance actions.
  • Includes icons throughout with maintenance tips, forensic observations.
  • Presents visual equipment inspection observations as well as step-by-step procedures for preventive maintenance, along with numerous photographs of failed equipment detailing the consequences of inadequate preventive maintenance.
  • An affiliated website (www.certuseheatingsystems.com) contains supporting video footage of demonstrations of failed equipment and proper/improper maintenance procedures. Color photographs of illustrations in the book will also be available on the website.