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Guide to Hard Milling & High Speed Machining

By (author)  Dale Mickelson
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Book Description

Guide to Hard Milling and High Speed Machining by Dale Mickelson is a continuation of author's first book, Hard Milling and High Speed Machining: Tools of Change. It featured different cutters developed for hard milling and high speed machining.


In this guide, you will find yet more variables associated with this process. In this book six machine manufacturers are covered in the first six chapters: Mikron, Okuma, Yasda, Roku Roku, Johnford and Moore. They explain the different approaches to building machines for this process. Also covered are two holder manufacturers Heartech Precision and Big Kaiser, one probe and laser manufacturer Blum. Furthermore the author includes some of his most recent development work done on hard-to-machine materials and new cutters on the market today.


It is certain that when you read this book you will become more aware of the people and companies involved in developing their products for this process. By working with these companies, you will learn what it takes to implement hard milling and high speed machining into your shop.