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Fluid Analysis for Mobile Equipment

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Book Description

Welcome to the wonderful, practical world of fluid analysis utilization.

There are plenty of labs around the world processing millions of oil, coolant, and fuel samples every year. Most of them do very professional work, however, the data received from them usually fall into two main categories: 1) The information is incomplete for a true machine health assessment, or 2) At the user’s end, nobody is acting on the information at a level that would allow good, proactive maintenance activity. The sad truth is that very few companies make use of the valuable information contained in fluids.

This work, Fluid Analysis for Mobile Equipment, supports all activity around fluid analysis so managers can lay a more solid foundation for maintenance. It serves as a major contribution to both the science and art of fluid analysis, and is destined to become the cornerstone of every successful condition-based maintenance program.

The examples and recommendations will have direct application to implement a true predictive maintenance program. More than 100 examples come from real-life cases, and reflect what many fleet managers encounter in their daily challenges.

Unique Features

  • For the maintenance manager, the work offers all the information needed to implement a world-class condition-based maintenance program, and understand the complexities of fluid analysis.
  • For the technical expert in oil analysis, the authors offer an exceptional depth in the subject and present insights gained from more than 85 years of combined on-the-job experience.
  • For technical experts wanting to expand their knowledge of fluid analysis to include the critically important area of coolants, fuel, and DEF (diesel exhaust fuel), this is the
  • Includes a Foreword from Mike Vorster, CE, MBA, Ph.D., the esteemed David H. Burrows Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech, where he taught in the Construction Engineering and Management Program since 1986.