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Elevator Troubleshooting & Repair

A Technician’s Certification Study Guide
By (author)  David Herres
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Book Description

Elevators move large numbers of people up and down each day, mostly without incident, thanks to a strongly developed system of safety measures and the work of highly trained and experienced professionals.


In performing elevator maintenance and repair, there are numerous technical factors, not to mention huge moral and legal issues. Workers need to fully understand proper maintenance procedures so that all safeguards remain in effect. It’s also essential to be aware of applicable regulations, and to maintain compliance at all times.


For those serious about engaging in elevator work, the appropriate licenses must be acquired—an electrician’s license and elevator mechanic’s license. These are not achieved overnight.


This work covers everything a student or current technician needs to know to perform elevator diagnosis, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair, and details all the knowledge a technician must have to properly service elevators in various situations. It is also the only work that includes helpful questions and corresponding answers for those who are studying to obtain their elevator mechanic’s license. 



  • Offers sample certification questions and answers for those looking to get their Elevator Mechanic’s license.
  • Places an emphasis on safety interlocks and the elevator system as a whole.
  • Includes a history of elevators to give readers perspective on the industry and advancements in technology to date.
  • Written by a renowned electrician with regular columns and contributions in Elevator World and Electrical Construction and Maintenance magazines.