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Contractor's Guide for Installation of Gasketed PVC Pipe for Water / for Sewer

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Book Description

Note: This is the English-language version of this title. For a Spanish-language translation, click here.


This is the most concise and authoritative available guide for the installation of PVC gasket-joint pressure and non-pressure pipes and fittings. Written and sponsored by the Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association, it contains up-to-date information and comes complete with practical associated tables and figures that will help users to be more effective and efficient at installing PVC piping systems. This work provides preferred methods of installation based on field experience, published reports, and other industry sources.


The Contractor's Guide's unique, easy-to-use reversible-book format provides two valuable guides in one—for working on water pipes or sewer pipes—making it easy for readers to quickly access the specific information they are seeking, be it on the job, in training, or studying for certification.



The Contractor’s Guide provides value to several stakeholders:

  • Contractors—Following this work’s recommendations can improve job efficiency, reduce potential pipeline problems, and help ensure maximum performance.
  • Owners—Proper installation helps ensure the maximum service life for piping systems.
  • Workers (Training)—This guide can serve as a reference prior to undertaking a pipeline project.
  • Workers (Certification)—In jurisdictions where installers are required to be certified, this work can serve as an invaluable study resource.