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Blueprint Reading Basics Instructor’s Resource Kit, Second Edition

By (author)  Charles A. Gillis
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Book Description

Welcome to a new digital edition of this game-changing package, designed to work with the latest edition of the best-selling Blueprint Reading Basics textbook!


Note: This product page is JUST for the new Blueprint Reading Basics Instructor's Resource Kit Digital Edition. For the Hammer's Blueprint Reading Basics text, click here. For a package containing both this text and the new Instructor's Resource Kit, click here.

Warren Hammer’s Blueprint Reading Basics, 4th Edition has been a bestselling classic for nearly two decades, revered for its ease of understanding and for giving readers opportunities to practice what they learned. In the 4th edition, author Charles Gillis updated the entire package, replacing all of the traditional figures with CAD-generated artwork, adding new illustrations, representing metric drawing practices alongside English, and including content from drawing standards covering such central topics as Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Engineering Drawing Practices, Welding Symbols, Orthographic and Pictorial Views, Surface Texture, Undimensioned Drawings, and Types and Applications of Engineering Drawings, among many others.
Designed to accompany the 4th edition of this invaluable teaching and learning text, the new digital second edition of this extensive Instructor’s Resource Kit includes:

  • This extensive digital product includes 425 files and more than 1,030 pages.
  • The 14 units/lessons, comprising over 600 presentations pages, complement use of the book in a physical or virtual classroom. Mirroring discussions in the text book, this material is packed with useful information and also can be used for self-study.
  • The teaching and learning units also are made available to instructors as PowerPoint presentations with review questions and answers. The review questions are provided separately as student handouts and with answers for instructors. 
  • The textbook’s 153 worksheets, adding up to 200-plus pages of practice problems—included in the eBook and again provided as handouts—reinforce the blueprint reading instructions and skills covered in each unit. Again, these are provided as student handouts, as well as with solutions and calculations, along with a handy checklist, for instructors.
  • Other instructor teaching aids include customizable lesson plans for each teaching unit; recommended course syllabi modifiable for different course lengths and focuses; an engaging, instructive class activity, with options for in-class or online groups; and selected figures and tables likely to be repeatedly referenced.
  • New to this kit is a bonus collection of useful online reference materials: designations for threads and typical manufacturing materials; manufacturing process average surface finishes; tap drill sizes (inch and metric); sheet metal gage conversions; a list of relevant ASME, ANSI, and ISO standards; and links to exceptional related digital resources from Industrial Press.


Note to Instructors: While we do not provide review copy subscriptions to this digital product, qualified instructors can request selected examples. Click here to go to our online Review Copy Request Form and specify this request at our main website