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Beginning AutoCAD® 2022 Exercise Workbook

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Book Description

This is the page for the new Beginning AutoCAD 2022 Exercise Workbook.

For the accompanying digital AutoCAD 2D Resource Kit, click here.

This eBook also is sold as part of the new AutoCAD 2022 Complete Digital Package.

What AutoCAD users are saying about this best-selling Exercise Workbook:

“I am fascinated by the book Beginning AutoCAD 2022, by Cheryl Schrock and Steve Heather. It is the best book I have found for learning the prerequisites of successfully working with AutoCAD. The authors have done a superb job of leading you all the way from the basics to mastering less known aspects of this program. The lessons are beautifully laid out, and the illustrations are clear, making it simple to master the subject.”

— Carl Adkins, Avid AutoCAD User

Just as the AutoCAD® software continues to be improved and perfected, so does the Beginning AutoCAD® Exercise Workbook. This work is truly the ideal package from which to learn AutoCAD, whether you’re a complete beginner, or simply learning about the latest features.

The new AutoCAD 2022 software includes features such as Installer, which reduces the number of steps needed for the initial install, Share Current Drawing, allowing other users to view or edit a drawing in the online AutoCAD Web application, and Trace, encouraging collaboration on drawing changes using the AutoCAD Web and Mobile apps. Readers can download the provided templates used for drawings in the book from the Industrial Press website.

Expert author duo Shrock and Heather share their knowledge with students and instructors, including plenty of inside tips and dozens of exercises to help users get comfortable and see real progress.

New and/or Improved Features in Beginning AutoCAD 2022:

  • Redesigned Start Tab—There are three main sections that provide access to recent work, enabling users to carry on where they left off, and offering them access to online saved drawing files. (Included in Lesson 1)
  • Count—The new Count feature allows users to count the instances of objects and Blocks that are placed in their drawing. (Included in Lesson 29)
  • Floating Drawing Tabs—Users can now drag a drawing file Tab from the main AutoCAD application window to make it a separate drawing file window. This is extremely useful for those with two or more monitors. (Included in Lesson 2)


Free download: To download a file containing the supplied preset drawings mentioned and used in this book click here.