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Beginning AutoCAD® 2021

Exercise Workbook for Windows®
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Book Description

For users of AutoCAD 2022, click here for a new version of this title.


There’s simply no better resource for anyone learning about and/or teaching CAD software than the Beginning AutoCAD® Exercise Workbook for Windows®.


Veteran AutoCAD experts and former instructors Shrock and Heather have packed the 2021 version with a vastly improved interior design layout, 30 in-depth lessons with hundreds of useful practice exercises, all new screenshots, along with tried and true features such as “CAD tips” and side-by-side metric/inch measurements. The detailed, step-by-step format makes mastering AutoCAD much easier, in or out of a formal classroom.


New and/or Improved Features in Beginning AutoCAD 2021:

  • Streamlined Trim and Extend command—Boundary edges are now selected automatically, making trimming or extending objects far more efficient.
  • Revision Cloud enhancements—Users can use one value that measures the chord distance between the end points of each cloud arc to create more consistent revision clouds.
  • Measure Geometry: Quick Measure—The area and perimeter of closed objects (and even multiple objects) can be measured with a simple click, all in one go.
  • Beginning AutoCAD 2021 contains more content than ever before, yet has been redesigned and reduced by more than 100 pages, making it more manageable to read and carry.


To download a zipped file containing the supplied preset drawings mentioned and used in this book click here.