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Beginning AutoCAD 2016 Exercise Workbook

By (author)  Cheryl Shrock Steve Heather
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Book Description

Beginning AutoCAD 2016 Exercise Workbook by Cheryl Shrock and Steve Heather is the right book for users new to AutoCAD or who want to brush up on the basics. This is a clear, no-nonsense, easy-to-follow text that helps user learn AutoCAD quickly and easily. 


Beginning AutoCAD 2016 leads you step by step through 30 lessons that …

  • Provide detailed instructions, followed by exercises (which print on 8 1/2” x 11” paper) for practicing the commands you just learned.
  • Start very simple and progress to higher level skills.
  • Introduce you to the drawing commands first.
  • Show you how to create your own setup drawings.


New Features include …

  • Start Tab page, containing two sliding content frams called Learn and Create, enabling you to quickly access recent drawing files, templates, product updates, and online resources.
  • DIM command, allowing you to create dimensions based on a selected object.
  • Text Frame property, used to easily create a border around text.
  • Text Wrap in dimensions.
  • Closed Polyline Snapping.
  • Rectangular and Polygonal Revision Clouds.


Improved Features include …

  • Enhanced Status Bar, giving you greater control of the tools you want displayed
  • The Command Preview also is enhanced to allow for the Blend, Erase, Scale, Stretch, and Rotate commands.
  • Improved graphics include Line Smoothing and the display of perfect curves.


This book comes with a free 30-day trial version of AutoCAD 2016. To download this go to


Also check out the author's Advanced AutoCAD 2016 Exercise Workbook, plus the handy companion book AutoCAD Pocket Reference.