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Autodesk® Revit Basics Training Manual

By (author)  Brian W. Clayton
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Book Description

Revit, a type of Building Information Modeling or “BIM” software, is used widely in the U.S. to provide “real-life” information to clients, as well as a way for contractors to eliminate problems before they arise with a way to track costs.  With an installed base of about 300,000 users and growing, it is rapidly becoming the industry standard for architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, plumbers, and HVAC installers.


The Autodesk Revit Basics Training Manual:

  • Focuses on the heart of the Revit software, so that users can improve their speed and productivity in the workplace or in classroom projects. 
  • Features the nuances of complex design software, with easy to grasp explanations and plenty of graphics to follow for visual learners.
  • Enables readers to learn to navigate the software as beginners, or use the work as a quick reference to increase their productivity. 
  • Offers the most straightforward and efficient, step-by-step approach to understanding and mastering the Autodesk Revit software for users on any level.
  • Is ideal for professional training and can be used in the classroom.