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AutoCAD 2022 Complete Digital Package

AutoCAD 2022 Complete Digital Package




Book Description

This specially priced eBook collection is packed with AutoCAD learning and teaching resources:

Beginning AutoCAD 2022

Advanced AutoCAD 2022

AutoCAD 2D Resource Kit

The Best-Selling Exercise Workbooks

Beginning AutoCAD 2022

Just as the AutoCAD® software continues to be improved and perfected, so does the Beginning AutoCAD® Exercise Workbook. Expert author duo Shrock and Heather share their knowledge with students and instructors, including plenty of inside tips and dozens of exercises to help users get comfortable and see real progress. The new AutoCAD 2022 software includes features such as Installer, which reduces the number of steps needed for the initial install, Share Current Drawing, allowing other users to view or edit a drawing in the online AutoCAD Web application, and Trace, encouraging collaboration on drawing changes using the AutoCAD Web and Mobile apps. Readers can download the provided templates used for drawings in the book from the Industrial Press website.

New and/or Improved Features in Beginning AutoCAD 2022:

  • Redesigned Start Tab—There are three main sections that provide access to recent work, enabling users to carry on where they left off, and offering them access to online saved drawing files. (Included in Lesson 1)
  • Count—The new Count feature allows users to count the instances of objects and Blocks that are placed in their drawing. (Included in Lesson 29)
  • Floating Drawing Tabs—Users can now drag a drawing file Tab from the main AutoCAD application window to make it a separate drawing file window. This is extremely useful for those with two or more monitors. (Included in Lesson 2)

Advanced AutoCAD 2022

Advanced AutoCAD 2022 is packed with lessons, exercises, projects, and practical inside tips. Refreshed screenshots and step-by-step exercises, frequently asked questions, and updated industry-specific projects highlight this edition covering the new AutoCAD 2022 software. This Exercise Workbook covers important AutoCAD commands and step-by-step procedures, including a thorough review of the latest features available (see the feature box, below), including Floating Drawing Tabs and Shared Views. All of this is reinforced by inch and metric exercises, designed to give you the practice needed to efficiently master key skills and complete more advanced projects. Plus, for the first time ever, an AutoCAD Quick Key Guide is included, providing a handy reminder for one-key shortcuts and multiple keyboard combinations. Whether you are an instructor, a student of engineering, design, architecture, or computer graphics, or a hobbyist looking to hone your craft, you will find the Advanced AutoCAD Exercise Workbook an invaluable asset in your AutoCAD library.


New and/or Improved Features in Advanced AutoCAD 2022:

  • Installer–The new Installer reduces the number of steps required for the initial install, improving performance.
  • Floating Drawing Tabs–Drag a drawing file tab from the main application window to make it a separate drawing file window and have several drawings open at once. This is particularly useful if you have two or more monitors.
  • Shared Views–Store your designs in the Cloud for other users to view, measure, and exchange feedback.
  • Share Current Drawing–Share a link to your drawing file and others can view or edit that drawing in AutoCAD’s online application.
  • Trace–Turn this on so that collaborators can work together on drawing changes without altering the existing drawing.
  • Redesigned Start Tab–Take advantage of easier access to recent work and saved drawing files from connected drives, as well as learning resources and announcements from Autodesk.

The Extensive Resource Kit

The AutoCAD® 2D Resource Kit is for anyone interested in learning or teaching AutoCAD®, including professionals, hobbyists, students, and instructors of AutoCAD. Providing a wealth of resources, this versatile package may be used for self-study or as part of a dedicated AutoCAD class, either separately from or with an AutoCAD text, such as the best-selling AutoCAD® Exercise Workbooks published by Industrial Press. While the Resource Kit begins with the basics, it also is ideal for AutoCAD users seeking to increase their 2D drawing knowledge and skills.

Depending on the level and length of the AutoCAD course or the end user’s intended use of the software, self-study learners or instructors may decide to spend time following all or a selection of the clear, step-by-step lessons. Whether using the whole kit or only some of the useful instructions and valuable resources, upon completion of this highly effective learning and teaching program, AutoCAD users will have gained increased competency.


  • This extensive digital product includes more than 180 files and nearly 1,000 pages.
  • The 28 lessons, totaling 700 pages, form the core of the viewable eBook and are made available to instructors as PowerPoint slide shows, including review questions and answers. These review questions also are provided as student handouts.
  • The practice exercises— included in the eBook and also provided as handouts—are designed to reinforce the AutoCAD features, functions, and skills covered in each lesson. These exercises are provided in both inch and metric versions, accommodating all users, and handy exercise checklists are provided for instructors.
  • Lesson learning objectives, lesson plans, and suggested course syllabi provide guidelines for and serve as examples for instructors teaching a specific class length, level, and focus.
  • Additional resources include guides to AutoCAD quick key combinations, line types and widths, standard drawing sheet sizes, ASME and ISO orthographic projections and geometric symbols, and more AutoCAD resources from Industrial Press.