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AutoCAD Pocket Reference

By (author)  Cheryl R. Shrock
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Book Description

The AutoCAD Pocket Reference, Seventh Edition, by Cheryl Shrock and Steve Heather is at the top of our best seller's list for good reason. This companion volume to the authors' Beginning AutoCAD Exercise Workbook 2016 and Advanced AutoCAD Exercise Workbook 2016 provides easy access to the important fundamental commands, concepts, and "how-to" information for everyday use. Divided into 13 sections, it is like an expert's cheat sheet, but much better.

AutoCAD Pocket Reference is ideal for practitioners in the field. And it is perfect for students, teachers, and AutoCAD users on the go. The reference provides a quick and easy refresh, occasional or everyday, on the use of key AutoCAD commands. Note that it does replace the more thorough Exercise Workbooks.

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