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AutoCAD® 2D Resource Kit

By (author)  Steve Heather
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Book Description

This is the page for the new AutoCAD® 2D Resource Kit.

This eBook also is sold as part of the new AutoCAD 2022 Complete Digital Package.

“As a standalone program, this is a great tool for learning and using AutoCAD. It also is an excellent  resource for searching for and quickly finding out how to use AutoCAD commands and procedures for creating drawings. Plus it provides useful examples, including some applications I never thought of, like using donut shapes on electronic circuit boards. I give this Resource Kit five stars!”

 — Carl Adkins, Surveyor, Drafter, and AutoCAD User

A New Game-Changing Digital Package


The AutoCAD® 2D Resource Kit is for anyone interested in learning or teaching AutoCAD®, including professionals, hobbyists, students, and instructors of AutoCAD.


Providing a wealth of resources, this versatile package may be used for self-study or as part of a dedicated AutoCAD class, either separately from or with an AutoCAD text, such as the best-selling AutoCAD® Exercise Workbooks published by Industrial Press. While the Resource Kit begins with the basics, it also is ideal for AutoCAD users seeking to increase their 2D drawing knowledge and skills.

Depending on the level and length of the AutoCAD course or the end user’s intended use of the software, self-study learners or instructors may decide to spend time following all or a selection of the clear, step-by-step lessons. Whether using the whole kit or only some of the useful instructions and valuable resources, upon completion of this highly effective learning and teaching program, AutoCAD users will have gained increased competency.


  • This extensive digital product includes more than 180 files and nearly 1,000 pages.
  • The 28 lessons, totaling 700 pages, form the core of the viewable eBook and are made available to instructors as PowerPoint slide shows, including review questions and answers. These review questions also are provided as student handouts.
  • The practice exercises— included in the eBook and also provided as handouts—are designed to reinforce the AutoCAD features, functions, and skills covered in each lesson. These exercises are provided in both inch and metric versions, accommodating all users, and handy exercise checklists are provided for instructors.
  • Lesson learning objectives, lesson plans, and suggested course syllabi provide guidelines for and serve as examples for instructors teaching a specific class length, level, and focus.
  • Additional resources include guides to AutoCAD quick key combinations, line types and widths, standard drawing sheet sizes, ASME and ISO orthographic projections and geometric symbols, and more AutoCAD resources from Industrial Press.


Instructors and others interested in purchasing this versatile teaching tool through their institution’s purchasing department (rather than via direct online purchase with a credit card) can email Please note that the usual discounts do not apply to this special product.